Yes it is true! One person’s garbage is another’s treasure.
For hundreds of years people have been profiting from other’s “Junk” that had either been discarded or sold at garage sales and flea markets. This small article will hopefully give you some ideas which could put thousands of dollars in your pockets for simply no cost.
There are two major forms of diving:

1 . Dumpster Diving

Dumpster diving could be the act of taking “thrown away” items from or just around a garbage. The act is legal in many states and is how many entrepreneurs create their fortunes on E-bay.

2 . Curbing

Curbing is like dumpster diving except instead of going into a public garbage or recycling bin, the “freeloader” takes the “thrown away” items from the curbs in front of people’s houses.

What items is found?

If you were to go to a public garbage or curb, you can find many valuable items. Many of the items people discard are in perfect condition. Not only this, most of the great items are left right next to the dumpster.
Items include: Furniture, bicycles, magazines, televisions, computers, radios, cd’s and tapes, early generation Ipods, wires, jewelry, etc …..

Many dumpster divers know when the local pharmacies and stores sign up for their trash and wait to gather some never been opened items that have either expired, have been dented, or have not sold well. Handiest stores throw out their magazines and newspapers. Everything in the magazine is in tact except for the cover.

What’s the Purpose?

There are many purposes to dumpster dive or even to curb. For some, it’s a sport. For some, it’s a way to manage to get thier food for the week. For many, it’s a business.

Many entrepreneurs know exactly if the garbage trucks in their areas are going to come. So , they are going to write out charts and maps to travel the towns as soon as possible collecting as many treasures while they can. On a good day, it is possible to gather thousands of dollars of furniture and electronics.

Just how to earn a living as a dumpster diver?

If you want to earn money as a dumpster diver you will need to do a lot of reading and research. You need to understand the legalities of your area so you aren’t arrested. And, you need to know what tools and strategies you’ll need to make the job easier.

After you have done the research it is important to scope the area for a few weeks and notice the materials people are wasting and seeing what times of day has the most items for collecting. Doing research in advance can help you formulate a business plan.

Next, you will need to practice for monthly or two. Practice is important to get over the initial embarrassment stage. Sometimes, as a diver, you will spot a fantastic item, but, be to frightened to take it because people are watching. You will get within the fear after you realize that every item you collect may be worth a lot of money.

Through your entire practice and success in collecting, you should at least have sufficient materials to run a garage sale. It is possible for anyone to see one of the items they threw away. When they ask, say, “Oh, I have had this for years”. Then, give a knowing chuckle.

Finally. If you have success selling these products at a garage sale, you can try newspaper ads, internet ads, and of course on-line auctions. It is always good to try to locate a partner. Sometimes you will need help carrying or loading equipment.